Reservation Center

Reservation Center

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Besides the simple, yet elegant user interface of eZee’s hotel reservation system, we offer you diverse views along with complete information of rates and availability of rooms at your property. As a result, you can handily track and manage all the reservations at your property and escalate hotel revenue.

Tape Chart Interface (Stay View)

The tape chart view provides you with an easy view of details like room status, availability, out of order rooms, future bookings and more for specific date range.

Room Interface (Room View)

The Room View will let you keep an eye on the all the rooms at your property by giving you a detailed display of ‘up to the minute’ status.

Statistical Interface (Quick View)

The quick and efficient static interface provides you with a statistical as well as a graphical live summary of all the rooms and inventory.

Unified Interface (Dashboard View)

Easily keep a track of all the transaction taking place at your hotel including checking rates and availability, current bookings and more right from the dashboard.

Availability and Rate Chart

At the hotel front office, one of the most important element that you require is the rates and availability of rooms at your property. eZee PMS gives you all this data and more right at your fingertips, including specific searching criteria displaying all available inventory with their rates and seasonal rate chart as well.

Reservation Management

Managing reservations is one of the most crucial part of running a hotel business. Our hotel reservation system brings a new level of simplicity and efficiency in the operations without compromising on the quality of service.

Reservation Management

Search Reservations from Single Window

Combining different filters, our system gives you the most accurate search results for reservation details and allows you to process all the guest queries with utmost certainty.

Common Interface to Manage all Bookings

The single interface of eZee software allows you to manage all types of Reservations, Walk-Ins and Group Bookings with ease.

Guest Profiling

Aiding you to provide a better service to returning guests, our system retains all guest details including preferences and requests that they made.

Manage day-stays easily

You might come across guests like pilgrims, travellers and businessmen who wish to stay at your hotel only for a few hours, better known as day-stays or day-use. Our PMS system allows you to take and manage such hourly reservations effortlessly along with tracking the corresponding rates.

Get Reservation Affirmation

The flexible features of the system effortlessly handle the advance deposits you receive for the booking confirmations.

Cancellation / No Show

A single click will take care of cancelled or no-show bookings and the system will automatically update inventory across the channels and your hotel website. You can conveniently levy cancellation and no-show fees based on your hotel’s policy.

Policies for Reservation Release

If a guest fails to pay the deposit for the booking until the release date, the system will automatically release the reservation for other guests, ensuring no loss of revenue.

Reservation with Minimum Information

The PMS will let you create a booking with the minimum required details such as date of arrival, check-out date, room type and contact information while adding the rest of the details later.

Automated Booking Confirmation

System shoots automated confirmation via Email or SMS to confirm bookings. The front office staff can even print a hard copy for walk-ins or any guests who request it.

Book a Room or a Room Type

Leaving no room for error during the booking process, the system facilitates swift room booking by allowing you to choose room number, room type or even a combination of both.

Managing Special Request

Easily keep a track of your guest’s specific needs and requests like pick up/drop off information or special meal plans.

Sales Analysis to Increase Sales

Our PMS has a provision to bind market segment and business sources with reservations which will help you track market behavior and business sources for sales analysis.

Automatic Credit Card Verification

This brand new feature of the hotel reservation center will automatically verify the credit card details that your guests enter while booking with you and notify you and your guest of the invalid details entered. Using this feature, you'll be able to confirm your hotel bookings by asking your guest to enter valid details, or take a new booking if the guest doesn't give any updates; thence saving you from last minute cancellations and no-shows.

Collect ePayments

Using this feature of the hotel reservation system, you’ll be able to send online payment links to your guests from the system itself, regardless of where the booking came from. The guest makes the payment from that link, and that’s all. Suffice to say, you won’t need to keep any tabs for payment reminders, or even wait for bank transfer to get payment of the bookings your guests make.

Flexible Group Management

Offering you the advantage of group operations, eZee's online hotel management system allows you to carry out group bookings from a single point. Assisting you further, you can easily perform various operations such as Group Check In, Group Check Out, Group Amend Stay and more.

The benefits of eZee Absolute for Group Operations include:

Group Booking Management
  • The process of multiple room booking is as simple as a single room booking.
  • Quickly copy of guest details to all rooms in the group.
  • Add distinct visibility to group owner for effective communication.
  • Add different group colors for easy group identification.
  • In one click, the Auto Rooming feature automatically assigns rooms to the entire group.
  • Swift group check-in for the entire group.
  • Apply charges to a group owner invoice as well as to individual reservations.
  • Filter group reservations with group code.
  • Send group confirmation voucher with just a single click.
  • Easily route charges to corporate or personal accounts.
  • Any deposit collected for the group is shown depicted in the master folio.
  • Swift cancellation procedure allows you to cancel whole group booking once you collect the cancellation fees as per hotel’s policy.
  • Group No Show allows you to mark the whole group as 'No Show'.
  • Provides flexibility to add, remove or change rooms from the group.
  • Extensibility in managing group payments from one screen.
  • Print group proforma and group invoices in multiple currencies.
  • Manage group check-out, accumulated charges and payments of separate rooms.
  • Offer Self Registration to the tech-savvy bookers through our Mobile Guest Portal.
  • Void or un-assign group bookings.
  • Change group owners whenever required effortlessly.
  • Add business sources at group level.

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