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These days, hoteliers like you are confused about the outcomes of your ongoing strategies. And you’re never sure about the reasons of losing your valuable revenue.

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Why should you take this free hotel audit report?

To gain a fair opinion of your OTA performance

To know your hotel website’s conversion capacity

To measure your impact on your audience

To measure your impact on your audience

To identify the loopholes in your hotel business

To get guidelines on overall hotel business growth

To know the sure-fire ways to double your revenue

Have a sneak-peak to the course of your report

For your hotel audit procedure, we inspect and analyse your hotel's performance bit by bit.

Data Collection

We collect your hotel data from online platforms

Data Analysis

We evaluate your hotel performance with a wider insight


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The hotel audit report by eZee worked like a savior

My hotel’s audit report by eZee helped us in being aware of all the major and minor details of our hotel business. Ever since we got this report, it has become very easy to understand the ways to earn more revenue from all directions. Now, because of this report, we are able to make wise use of OTAs, hotel website, even direct bookings and other such matters in our favour.

Marcus Jacob (Director) Hotel Stay at home, USA

Now, what should be your next step?

Go through our suggestions

  • Execute the suggestions your hotel audit report contains
  • Go beyond and think on where else you’re lacking

For your OTA management

  • Consider purchasing a hotel channel manager for your inventory distribution
  • Easily maintain your rate parity through a channel manager
  • Apply dynamic pricing to earn higher revenue all-the-year round
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For your hotel website

  • If you don’t have a hotel website, get one made
  • Make it conversion-friendly and attractive
  • Perform strong SEO to make your website visible
  • Keep a regular check on the website performance
Get your hotel website designed today

For your direct bookings

  • If you’re not getting direct bookings, get started right away
  • Work on drawing guests to book direct
  • Offer promotions and deals to guests for booking direct
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You can just talk to us and we’ll guide you with the best steps.

It’s time to grow, groom and govern your hotel business.

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