Multi-Property Management simplified with our Central Reservation System

Administer all your chain properties from a single location

Multi location reservations management

Access your listed chain properties and oversee reservations and occupancy at all your properties from single place.

Switch between properties in intuitive dashboard

Multi-property Dashboard allows you to work with all your hotels from the same dashboard to stay updated with happening of all locations.

Consolidated reports for all property performance

Reports that summarize entire inventory, revenue, reservations, channel bookings, property wise occupancy and availability and everything that you need to know.

Everything synced, in real time

Bookings and reservations across all properties remain in sync and are updated in real time. That means, you always get the latest data.

Travel agent profiling

Travel agents profiles and their booking data synced across multiple locations. Create profiles of agents and booking sources for easier tracking.

Centralized faster management

Room rates, live inventory, bookings, reports and everything is centralized. A single login is all you need to access all the branches from a single PMS panel.

Stop flipping through various screen to view different property statues. Get rid of all hassles to administer all units of your hotel chain. With eZee’s Central Reservation System (CRS), empower your widespread hotel brand to take complete control of all properties with minimum effort and save time.

Multi-property CRS Dashboard

Multi Property CRS Dashbaord

Hotel chains Using eZee Absolute

For well over a decade, leading hotel chains worldwide have trusted eZee Technosys as their technology provider. Here are few of our distinguished clients who take complete advantage of eZee Absolute PMS system in a multi-property setup.

Don't Believe Us? Try it Yourself!

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