Careless hotel reputation management will affect your bookings

Do you want that to happen?

No? Then here’s a way out.

Why are hotel reviews important?

93% people use online reviews to select a hotel to stay
53% people wouldn’t book at hotel with no reviews
4 out of five TripAdvisor users believe that hotels that respond to reviews care for their guests.
  • Reviews strengthens your online presence
  • Your guests can have a clear idea about your services
  • Because of this, your bookings increase

On that note, your reviews and the way you respond to your reviews matters.

Online reputation management for hotels: Here’s everything you need to know.

Hotel reputation management is a practice that includes tracking, managing and responding to all the hotel reviews received from all the platforms. By doing so, bookers get a clear idea about the service provided by the hotels and hotels get sense of trust. On the other hand, hotels can study guest behaviour and perform sentiment analysis. The data fetched from these exercises can help them in exploring the possibilities of overall business growth. Additionally, the right way of practicing hotel review management can lead hotels to enhanced brand value, more repeat guests and increased revenue.

What is the right way to do online reputation management for hotels?

  • Since reviews have a big impact on hotel business, hoteliers are supposed to track, collect and respond to all the reviews received from different platforms like OTAs, Facebook, hotel website, booking engine and others.
  • Negative or positive, it is advisable to answer all the reviews with equal grace.
  • This can develop a sense of trust among the lookers and may lead them to book with you.
  • The best way of online reputation management for hotels is to subscribe for a hotel reputation management system.

Why having a hotel reputation management software is important?

  • A hotel reputation management software simplifies your hotel review management.
  • It brings reviews from all the platforms in one place so that you can respond to them easily.
  • This minimises your efforts and saves your time.
  • It also looks after your star rating over different platforms.
  • Moreover, it can generate different reports that give you complete evaluation of your reviews, your least and most favoured services and more.
  • This can help you improve your services and guest experience.

How Critique simplifies reputation management for your hotel?

It brings all your online reviews at one place

It brings all your online reviews at one place

From OTAs, and metasearch engines like TripAdvisor, to your hotel website and Google, this online reputation management software collects all your online reviews at one place. Thus, making your hotel review management more efficient.

It highlights the best of your hotel

It highlights the best of your hotel

This online reputation management system gives accurate evaluation of your property. So, you identify the most and least favoured services. Moreover, on receiving praise or criticism for any of your services, it also allows you to pass on the reviews to the corresponding department via email.

Your review management gets organized

Your review management gets organized

Our online reputation management system bifurcates your reviews with respect to the action needed. Along with that, it also identifies the platforms that put you in the limelight. Furthermore, you can even save and surf through your older reviews effortlessly.

Gets you more reviews on TripAdvisor

Gets you more reviews on TripAdvisor

eZee’s hotel reputation management software is affiliated with TripAdvisor Review Express program. Under this program, you can collect more reviews on TripAdvisor for free. So it’s not just managing reviews, but also getting more reviews.

It conducts precise competitor analysis

It conducts precise competitor analysis

This online hotel reputation management software also brings you your competitors’ reviews. So you get to know the services and details that are being talked about. Moreover, you can also compare your business authority among your competitors.

It performs sentimental analysis

It performs sentimental analysis

To understand your guests’ attitude while dropping the review, the online hotel reputation management software conducts sentimental analysis. So that you get their actual opinion about your services.

It makes your responses faster

It makes your responses faster

Since, you get all your reviews at one place, you respond to them faster. Besides, our reputation management system lets you save pre-drafted response templates. So you can easily edit and use them whenever required.

It translates reviews in your language

It translates reviews in your language

Your global guests may drop reviews in their native language. In that case, this hotel reputation management software translates those reviews in a language you understand.

It brings you detailed review reports

It brings you detailed review reports

This hotel review management software gives you detailed performance insights of your services in a definite time duration through graphs and reports. So, you get a chance to improve the services that are less favoured.

It lets you flaunt the best reviews

It lets you flaunt the best reviews

With this online reputation management system, you can highlight your best reviews from all platforms on your booking engine and hotel website. This compels your visitor to book with you and apart from that, you can also tweet those amazing reviews on your Twitter account.

$29 Just $15/month to collect and manage reviews

from these websites: TripAdvisor, Google,, Expedia, Goibibo, Facebook, HolidayIQ, Agoda, MakeMyTrip, Yatra AND our booking engine.

Want to manage reviews from more sites? Contact our sales team to know more.

Choose the best for your hotel

FAQs - Some of your common questions answered by us!

  • What are the major challenges faced by hotels in managing their hotel reputation?

    Managing a hotel's online reputation includes monitoring, responding and keeping track of all the online reviews. Few of the challenges faced by hotels are as mentioned below:

    • Untimely response to all the reviews
    • Inability to share the best reviews of your hotel
    • Unable to analyze the reviews
    • Inability to track the guest reviews
  • Is it true that an online reputation management software brings more reviews?

    Well, not exactly. But, indirectly it can surely assist you to increase your reviews and strengthen your online reputation. Since with the help of a reputation management software, your responses to the reviews get punctual and that bolsters your reputation to a great extent. Besides, none of the reviews get unnoticed and you can respond to all the online reviews from the system itself.

    Moreover, eZee is a TripAdvisor Premium Connectivity Partner. Thus with Critique, you can get more reviews on the giant travel website- TripAdvisor through the TripAdvisor Review Express Program. (You can only enroll in this program if your technology provider is TripAdvisor Premium Connectivity Partner.)

  • How to get started using Critique?

    You can take a free trial of our online hotel reputation management software for 14 days.

  • What is sentiment analysis? Why is it a part of hotel reputation management?

    Sentiment analysis is a term that relates to anyone’s attitudes, emotions, and opinions. Generally, when the guests give your hotel, feedback- it is usually in a form of sentence and paragraphs. Our reputation management software with the help of sentiment analysis, breaks the reviews and help you understand the attitude of guests behind writing that feedback.

    So having a sentiment analysis a part of your hotel reputation management is very important. It helps you perceive your guest’s attitude and behavior.

  • Why competition analysis is important in hotel reputation management?

    One of the important factors to be taken into consideration while strategizing for the better business, is keeping an eye on how your competitors are doing. Our reputation management software gets you the ratings of your competitors. One can analyze their competitor’s ratings and can know the strengths and weakness of their competitors. Besides, On the basis of competitor's ratings, you can also judge the occupancy of your competitors over a particular period.

  • Can Critique be integrated with other hotel management solutions?

    Presently, it is only integrated with eZee Absolute- eZee’s online hotel management software, eZee Reservation-eZee’s online reservation system and eZee Centrix- eZee’s online channel manager.

  • I don’t have subscription plans for any eZee solution. Can I use Critique?

    No. To use Critique, you need to be subscribed with any of cloud hotel management solutions offered by eZee.

  • Can this online hotel reputation software work for my hotel group?

    Yes, you can use Critique for your entire hotel group.

  • When does this software notify about new reviews?

    Your reviews will be synchronised regularly once in 24 hours.

If you don't find your question here, please get back to us.
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