A guest house management software

That organises your guest house operations intensively

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Choosing our guest house software would be a smart decision

We have got complete guest house operations enveloped together. Zig with eZee’s guest house management system before you zag.

Centralise your A to Z guest house operations

From the accurate updation of inventory to the audits and all the minute details in between, everything can be looked after from one end with the help of our guest house management system.

Manage your arrivals at any point of time

We’re aware of the fact that most arrivals at a guest house like yours take place by appointment. Our guest house management software lets you manage all your prearranged and immediate arrivals skillfully.

Short stays are easily managed

A guest house may receive guests that come for day stays or for considerably shorter intervals. Our guest house software takes proper care of such guests and prevents you from losing your revenue.

Watch your direct bookings take a flight

It’s such a pain to give a part of your hard earned revenue to OTAs and travel agents as commissions for the bookings you get. We’ve got a booking engine that gains you commision-free direct bookings from your website.

Get noticed across the world

Your guest house gets national and international exposure with the help of our guest house management software which is connected to more than 100 OTAs, GDS, vacation rental portals as well as metasearch engines.

Offer countless exciting deals to your one and all guests

Our guest house software lets you run and manage countless promotions and packages efficiently which would allure a number of guests at your guest house.

Boost your revenue with a master plan

It helps you in building a pricing strategy beforehand depending upon the live occupancy with which you can handle the margins that can add up to your revenue.

Drill down the details on the go

The guest house management software comes with a very practical and dynamic feature of generating multiple reports that sincerely gives you insights of all the activities from hotel bookings to channel distribution very comprehensively.

Authorise your data access

You get the privilege to grant monitored access to the data based on the role of the staff; this lets you supervise your workforce as well as keeps your data safe.

Forget the leg work of housekeeping management

Our guest house management software allows to keep a charge of housekeeping services with which you will be able to invest your time into more productive errands.

You acquire a colossal chunk of reviews

In the era of technology and digitalisation, a single review on your site can decide the fortune of your guest house and this fact is no more oblivious. Our guest house software lets you give a proper heed to the reviews and in turn can help you in increasing your revenue.

Keep your guest house in your pocket

The guest house management app allows you to look after and lets you carry out your major guest house operations from anywhere and everywhere.

You seize a splendid guest house management system

Online guest house management system

Online Guest House Management System

Online Booking Engine

Online Booking Engine

Resort Channel Manager

Guest House Channel Manager

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I have used other softwares in the market but for me eZee was the best choice

One of the main reason to choose eZee was because the company has all the required softwares for the industry. From small business to major business. The other reason is they are always on call to answer our queries. And the final point is they are more than willing to customise there software for the government requirement. It’s a life saving product for the industry.

The Sand Gate Inn, Maldives

Our guest house management system will transform your workplace like never before.

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