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How will our CRS system help your hotel chain grow?

You can easily manage your inventory

With a CRS system, you get a centralized control on inventory of all your locations at once, whether it’s on OTAs, GDS, hotel website or other channels.

You can supervise your bookings

Keep a check on your bookings from any channel, OTA, website or offline from a single place; for all locations simultaneously with CRS hotel system.

You get one website for chain-wide direct bookings

You get unlimited and commission-free direct bookings for any location, at anytime, from one single website with our CRS system.

You can upsell your amenities

Not just your rooms, but you can also highlight your amenities and services on the booking engine and attract more guests to gain on some additional revenue.

Run 100s of promotions and packages

Location-wise and even for the whole chain; with our central reservation system, you can handle as many packages and promotions you want, to attract more guests.

Guest engagement is also taken care of

eZee’s central reservation system for hotels will let you send pre-arrival, stay and post-departure emails along with promotional emails to guests for engagement.

You can give a customized booking flow

Our CRS system will let you design a customized booking flow above our booking engine using our API, to match with your hotel chain’s standards and theme.

Travel agent profiles are also handled

Handle all your chain-wide travel agents and keep track of the bookings they get for you effortlessly, all from a single place with our CRS system.

And, you can monitor your performance

Innalytics - our hotel data analysis tool will let you keep a close watch on your hotel chain’s performance and know how each one is faring in comparison with other.

Besides all this, with our CRS system:

Your operational cost reduces

Your revenue skyrockets

Your guests get better hotel experience

eZee CRS System: Multiple properties. One system. One login.

One-stop to manage your hotel chain

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