4 ways to track bookings on your hotel website

 October 20, 2017      Viken Patel
Did you know: Nearly 66% of the guests prefer to book direct with hotels.

Yeah, that’s right! 66 percent, that is two-thirds of the guests overall. You see, that’s the power of bookings on your hotel website. And that becomes one of the major reasons for you to get a booking engine for your hotel. Because as the guests get ready to book direct at your hotel, you need to open ways to let them come to you. And one of those ways is to get a hotel booking engine.

Accepting that fact, you synced a booking engine on your hotel website and NOW, you’re getting gobs of bookings on your hotel website. Don’t complain. You asked for it, didn’t you?

But what next? Shouldn’t you know where exactly are the bookings coming from? Talking about it, that booking may have come from anywhere. Facebook, metasearch, or any other website linked to your booking engine.

Now I’m sure you must’ve looked for ways to find where the bookings are coming from. Because that will ultimately help you find your key areas to focus on and distribute your inventory effectively. So we’ve got some ways using which you can oversee where you’re getting your most bookings and revenue from.

Bookings on your hotel website

Here are 4 ways to keep track of bookings on your hotel website:

    1. Integration with Google Analytics: Integrate your hotel website and the booking engine with your Google Analytics account. This will help you monitor your visitor rates effortlessly and compare them with the system generated visitor statistics.Consequently, integration with Google Analytics will let you supervise the visitors, their behavior and bookings happening on your booking engine; thus helping you find your most selling points and strategize on enhancing the visitor experience.
    1. Facebook Conversion Code: Conversion code is a small snippet of a script which help you track your conversions from a particular page. Here, conversions mean the confirmed bookings that you receive. In case of Facebook conversion code, when you run ads on Facebook, it gives you a conversion code which you can sync on your booking confirmation page. This will give you an idea of the bookings you received through your Facebook ads.Apart from this, you can also integrate your booking engine with your Facebook fan page, thence giving your guests a chance to book from there too.
    1. Trivago Tracking Pixel: Trivago, which is a metasearch engine plays a major role in elevating your direct bookings; therefore giving you a stronger reason to track your bookings from there. Trivago will help you do just that. The metasearch engine offers a tracking pixel once you get listed there, which will let you view the conversion rate of clicks coming from Trivago in Trivago Intelligence
  1. Affiliate Tracking: Often times, your hotel may have affiliated programs with several third parties through which you have guests coming to your hotel.Take advantage of such affiliation programs by generating separate affiliation codes for different users which can be shared across websites, thus enabling wider audience to book with your hotel.
    These codes can later be used to track the bookings you received from the affiliated programs, in this way helping you keep a check on their performances.

All in all, these ways will give you insights on your guest’s preferences, and ways you can improve your services, and a lot more. Besides, the correct placing of attractive widgets on your website, promotions and several more options will help you attract your guests to your booking engine.

This is how eZee booking engine can help you track bookings on your hotel website:

  • You can integrate our booking engine with your Google Analytics account and track your visitors and bookings from Google. You can read more here.
  • Having a ready integration with Facebook, your guests can easily book with you through your Facebook page. Besides, Facebook conversion code on the booking engine’s thank you page will help you keep track of Facebook conversions. Find the details here.
  • Enable Trivago Tracking Pixel on our booking engine and effortlessly track your bookings from Trivago. Know more here.
  • Generate the booking engine’s affiliate codes, share it on several third party websites, get bookings from there and track them using eZee Reservation’s affiliate tracking feature. Here’s an overview.

In brief, once you get your website integrated with these third party measures, we’ll help you track your direct bookings through our booking engine.

eZee booking engine has a myriad of other features to help you with your direct bookings and plan your booking strategy.
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