Top 6 millennial travel trends hotel industry needs to adopt

 January 20, 2018      eZee Editorial Team

While talking about the recent events taking place in the world tourism industry, millennial travel trends take over the market with a significant hype; giving way to endless opportunities for the travel and hospitality industries.

In an era where a virtual world is more real, likes are more appreciated than word-of-mouth publicity, social media engagement makes more sense than gossip over tea; likewise, millennials are one of the biggest attraction for the hospitality industry. Perceiving the nerves of baby boomers and generation X, their likes and dislikes; it’s time for the hotel industry to focus on the millennial travel trends and their ardent demands when it comes to booking a stay.

Millennials are bound to be workaholics, crazy shopaholics, and seasoned party goers who enjoy life to the full. They travel for adventure and to earn. They are found to work with employers who give them the freedom to travel and pay for the same.

Around 74% employed millennials with paid time off expect to bring work along on a trip compared to 56% of Baby Boomers.

Earning handsomely, the millennials travel to tourist destinations that are filled with exciting experiences. They love eating out, ‘risk’ tasting new dishes and unlock the hidden adventurer within them. In brief, they prefer to travel in comfort. Inadvertently, the hotel industry needs to pull up a sock and look for millennial travel trends and adapt them to their properties.

So, just to help you a bit in that direction, we’ve listed out a few trends you can easily embrace.

Top millennial travel trends you need to adopt to

Here are top millennial travel trends that you need to adopt:

  • They’re extremely active on Social Media

One of the easiest and most effective millennial travel trends is the social media engagement. If you are in the hospitality industry and you haven’t created a social media profile yet, then it’s high time to. Live streaming, the mandatory check-ins will definitely make you a trending piece of news on the social media platforms.

Let’s take an example of Instagram. Millennials pick a deal on a hotel room which is picture perfect. And what’s a better way to show that rather than putting it on Instagram?

The millennials get a chance to engage with you from your social media page, which gives them a personal touch while they’re planning to book with you. Interacting with them at this point will make them remember you when they want to revisit your city, thus developing a lasting relationship with them.

  • They prefer enrolling in loyalty programs

Gone are the days of proposing the same type of offers for the millennials. These millennials are on a constant lookout for attractive packages, memberships, and deals.

Over 50% millennials have joined a loyalty scheme because it was easy to sign up.

Offering them the right package at the right price; with an option to easily join a loyalty scheme can make them go a long way. The better loyalty programs you run, the more chances for you to get millennials as your guests.

  • Millennials want you to be easily reachable

Most of the times, Gen Y is pretty hot-headed and short-tempered, with little to no patience when it comes to services. They want you to be available for them whenever they need, whether it’s at the time of booking or checking in, or something else.

While millennials prefer to go by smartphones, having a mobile app for your hotel can pose a turn of the tide. By doing so, you’re ensuring that the millennials not only reach you easily, but they’re also able to book with you in a few clicks; which makes their experience a whole lot better.

On the same lines, you can get a responsive booking engine integrated into your hotel website, through which millennials can book with you directly.

  • Your online reviews are a great deal for them

Well, word of mouth recommendations is one thing. But online reviews are definitely way different, holding an important place as one of the millennial travel trends. What they do is, check out your reviews on as many platforms they can, and make sure that they’re booking their stay at a good place.

82% of millennials think that online travel reviews are important.

Reviews are realistic and are available at the ease of fingertips. So, maintaining a positive online hotel reputation is a must these days. Better and clearer your reviews are, the likelier it is for the millennials to choose your hotel.

  • They choose to pay digitally

Bulky wallets are a no-no for young travelers. They keep less cash and rely more on credit card payments, net banking, e-wallets, online payments.. well, I’m sure you get my point.

84% of millennials use credit or debit card to make purchases.

The wave of digitization has been unanimously accepted by the millennials as it’s safe, convenient and easy to keep track of. Just be open to accepting digital payments at your place to welcome the Gen Y at your doorstep.

  • They want to be close to the local culture and cuisines

The Gen Y is a true explorer and adventurer to its soul. They’re constantly and extensively searching for content online which lets them know about the location they’re traveling to. They’re keen on gathering information on the traditions, local cuisines and want to explore every bit of it.

So, here’s a tip for you. Make them feel closer to your roots once they arrive at your hotel. Post blogs on your website to make them aware that you’re in the know of these practices in your region. Host activities, trips, and anything which makes them come to you.

Now, what’re your takeaways on millennial travel trends?

    • Millennials are active and open to new ideas. Still, they have specific choices and plans for travel. The hotel industry needs to understand their choices and cater accordingly.
    • Social media is one way you can connect to the Gen Y. Simply be where they are.
    • Start going digital at your hotel. It can pose as a huge opportunity for you.
    • Online reputation is something which can’t be ignored at any cost.

Millennials are a paranoid bunch. They invariably want to ensure that their trip goes smooth and that they’re in the absolute know-how of their plan. All you need to do is adept yourself to the above mentioned millennial travel trends and go for it.

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