What’s the role of apartment management software in hospitality industry?

 January 16, 2018      eZee Technosys
With the recent prevalence of serviced apartments in the hospitality industry by becoming the first choice of accommodation for many, the need for technology and more clearly; apartment management software takes over.

Serviced apartments or apartment hotels are primarily used for corporate travelers. Businesses, where executives are required to travel frequently, companies having multiple regional offices where office staff may have to stay away from their home for longer durations. Large companies that provide relocation facilities are also in need of such serviced apartments on a timely basis.

Individual business owners are also part of the community that is in need of inexpensive long-term accommodation. Such travelers usually have a habit of doing things on the fly, where they can book things while traveling or at least be able to manage things online.

Apartment Management Software

Earlier, serviced apartments were not much preferred and travelers tended not to spend much on the serviced apartments. However, currently, not just individual apartment hotels but businesses in this segment have increased just like the hotel industry. Owners have a chain of serviced apartments in the same city or multiple cities. Some of them have reserved accommodations for exclusive companies – in a way growing along with their regional expansion.

Every software provider should aim to walk that extra mile! Earlier most of the business was dominated by the hotels and lot of effort went into making hotel stays comfortable and tech-friendly. But with growing serviced apartments industry, it becomes imperative to have a dedicated apartment management software catered to benefit them while they are making travelers feel at home by providing the most comfortable work-environment possible.

Where does the need for apartment management software come up?

As the world evolved, so did the mindsets of travelers, businessmen, companies, and even the hospitality industry. Corporate guests typically look for spacious rooms with mobile-friendly operations to enhance their productivity while most of their time is spent traveling. Below mentioned are a few instances where a serviced apartment owner needs a comprehensive apartment management system:

  • Business crowd many times have last minute bookings and would not have time to check rates on different websites, compare and then book.
  • They also cannot afford to have bookings at apartments which run into issues of overbooking.
  • They’re limited on staff compared to hotels and yet are required to offer the same quality of service, to some extent even better since they’re inhabiting long-duration stay guest.
  • Since majority of guests may be corporate, billing might be direct to the company requiring a city ledger account set-up.
  • With such tech-savvy guests you want to have as much automation as possible. Happier the guests are, higher are the chances of profited business.
  • You want to be advertising your serviced apartments to the maximum possible OTAs and GDS while being able to do in-time live updates and managing rate parity.
  • When you invest in an apartment management solution, be mindful of the fact that they have easy installations and are extremely user-friendly.

Of course, it goes without saying that while you’re left with managing such profuse task with your property, you want to have as much help as possible. A software provider that is willing to match your pace and provide you with 24/7 support is something that should be wanting to have a key feature when you evaluate different systems.

So, what should an ideal apartment management software be able to do?

  1. Easily manage long-term stays
  2. Cut down your expenses
  3. Help you yield maximum with flexible rates
  4. Gives you a single place to handle all your services
  5. Smoothly take care of connected rooms
  6. Make your apartment maintenance effortless
  7. Help you improve the services you impart

In a nutshell, the industry professionals are on a constant lookout to take care of their guests, where eZee’s cloud based apartment management solutions tend to automate the majority of their manual tasks.

To this end, eZee’s highly talented team devised strategically an integrated solution that encompasses management of daily front desk and back-office operations, booking engine that integrates easily with PMS giving you maximum yield and a channel manager that distributes your inventory to maximize the visibility and increase your reach to the appropriate clientele.

Apartment Management Software

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