Why choose a comprehensive hotel management system?

 February 20, 2018      eZee Technosys

Though you may enjoy a lot of perks of a stand-alone hotel management system, you can’t deny the fact that you can do better. In an industry where innovations happen every day, keeping up with new technology tends to become less viable for a majority of hoteliers. So, with time, a stand-alone hotel software can be easily replaced by a comprehensive hotel management system.

That said, once you gather different systems from separate vendors and integrate them to make it work for your hotel; you realize that it’s not as simple as it sounds. You come across integration issues, different invoicing, contacting different support systems, and even handle distinct databases. Well, there’s an endless list of hassles you need to face and resolve to make the hotel management system compatible with your hotel.

The integrated solutions provide an answer to deterrents of all your routine hotel operations. Your day-to-day hotel operations, bookings, and reservations from different channels, online hotel reputation management; well you name it and it gets taken care of, by an all-in-one hotel management system. Whereas, a stand-alone system may or may not cover your operations, and simply manage the bookings you get from your website and OTAs.

Here’s a list of most effective reasons to choose a comprehensive hotel management system over a stand-alone one.

Why choose a comprehensive Hotel Management System

Now, why choose an integrated hotel management system?

Integrated solutions form a complete ecosystem that operates in synchronization with PMS, booking engine and channel manager (throw in a restaurant POS system and a hotel website too). You have a single database to handle, one invoice, one support and a one-stop solution to manage everything in your hotel.

Your revenue definitely increases

Regardless of any type of property you own, with a complete hotel management system; your overhead costs such as resources, IT guy, old registers, etc. are reduced considerably. Even your constant troubles of negotiating with the travel agent are cut down as you’re able to get bookings from your website, OTAs, GDS and more. Because of this, your revenue increases.

Your operations get automated

Right from when your guest books with you through your hotel website or an OTA, to your check-ins and check-outs, to room service, to collecting guest feedbacks; a comprehensive hotel management system regulates anything and everything of your hotel; giving no chance of human errors.

You get to manage your hotel on-the-go

Cloud technology, apart from mobile technology is the most trending in the hospitality industry these days. With integrated hotel management system; you’ll have an online PMS which will let you supervise your hotel from wherever you are, at anytime you want.

Plus, there are countless advantages of adopting a hotel PMS mobile app for your hotel. So, with an online PMS and a mobile app on your fingertips, managing your hotel will be a piece of cake.

You get to go global by connecting with the best OTAs

Since your all the operations are automated, there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t have more OTA connections for your hotel. With a comprehensive hotel management system, you can perform pooled viz. uniform inventory utilization, and get more bookings from your connected OTAs.

One support to contact, one invoice to handle

With an integrated hotel management system, you just need to contact a single vendor for all your support requirements. In case you are using software from other vendors, then you need to contact different support engineers, email separately, which ultimately becomes extremely messy. What’s more, integrated solutions from a single vendor means only one invoice to maintain.

You can forget the concept of under bookings and overbookings

The biggest advantage of a comprehensive hotel management system is; there are real-time updates everywhere. Whether it’s a simple inventory update, or a rate change, or you want to stop selling your inventory; thanks to the instant updates; there will be minimal under bookings and overbookings; with least cases of rate disparity.

You get one-stop supervision

All your operations get completely synced with each other. An update in the PMS will be reflected on the channel manager and hence the OTAs, as well as on the booking engine. So simple. Because of this, you don’t even need to perform updates at each place individually. Therefore, you get a one-stop supervision on all your hotel operations through an all-in-one hotel management system.

You get a chance to focus on online reviews

Once all your operations are set, all you need to do is focus on the guest experience you impart and also the reviews you get online for your services. This will surely improve your hotel’s online reputation and make you a preferred choice for many travelers.

You can always be available to take reservations

Because you’ve got a booking engine on your website and also present on so many OTAs, GDS, and other travel sites; your guests can reach out anytime and book with you from anywhere. This makes you open to reservations when your guest wants to, thus increasing your revenue.

Well, there are endless other advantages of employing a complete hotel management system for your hotel.
So, it is vital to get access to integrated solutions that work best for your hotel and make sure that you get access to all the advantages of hotel management system and ‘quality time’ to build relations with your guests.

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