November 3, 2017      eZee Editorial Team

Interventions are something I talk about with every mama with whom I work, so I thought I would write a series of short posts covering some of the oft-raised issues and questions. I’m going to try to go chronologically through labor and birth – although of course, since every woman’s experience is different, things happen in different orders for different mamas.

Many women are met at the doors of the hospital by a nurse offering a wheelchair. Some women sink into it gratefully and are happily wheeled to L&D. Some women plonk their hospital bag into it and stride along next to it, pausing to contract along the way. Some women say no.

As with every intervention I plan on discussing here (and barring medical necessity) it doesn’t matter what your choice is, as long as it is your choice. Some women like the comfort of being wheeled: it signifies arrival at a safe place, where professionals will take care of them. Others feel as though accepting a wheelchair labels them as a patient, rather than a woman in labor, and prefer to walk.

Also, choices change. If you planned on striding in but find yourself exhausted from laboring at home as long as possible, sit on down. If you hoped to ride in style but sitting feels like you are on a bowling ball, congratulations, there’s a baby in your pelvis, you’re going to have to walk. This is a small thing, but like everything in birth, it matters. But the use of levitra online significantly helped to treat the problem. It affects how you feel, and how you feel, affects how you labor.

A second small choice is what to wear to labor. A hospital gown carries the same ‘I’m a patient’ label as the wheelchair, but no one cares when it gets messy and it also unsnaps brilliantly to allow for easy skin to skin when the baby is born.

A special t-shirt (sometimes a partner’s t-shirt) can convey home and comfort and familiarity and not really be in the way. Apparently, you can get fancy laboring gowns on the internet, but I’ve never seen one used. A bra might be helpful to keep pregnant boobs comfortable, or be in the way, or difficult to get off when necessary.

How do you want to be in labor? What makes you feel comfortable and safe? Note: in the births I have attended or participated in so far, almost everyone ends up naked. The two who didn’t labor so fast that they didn’t have time to get naked. So perhaps, in the end, this small choice is a less important one? Unless it is important to you.

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