Hotel reviews and reputation management: Unveiling the whole ball of wax

Last Modified on: 20th May, 2019.

In our industry, a stellar set of services is important to attract new guests. But do you know the importance of reputation management for hotels?

Regardless of the size of their business, most businessmen agree that their success is majorly based on their customers’ reviews.

But how do these reviews work?

According to veteran merchants, word of mouth can spread your business to a larger extent. And against that, it hardly costs any money. They strongly believed that

A single customer can recur a hundred others and the chain of these hundreds would then recur thousands.

Customer reviews build your reputation in the market. Eventually, your reputation brings you more customers and add up to your revenue. In due course, this circle of extraordinary service and reputation pushes you up as a brand.  

And that my friend, is the power of reviews and organised reputation management!

Over the years, many tactics may have kept changing, but this one has always remained golden.

Now, let’s talk about the obvious matter: your hotel review management

Old-timer hoteliers had a similar tactic. However back then, the chain of hotel reviews only acted offline with limited boundaries. But now, it is widely scattered through online mediums. Yet, they are mostly neglected!

See, online hotel reputation management is as important as its offline counterpart. And for both, you need to work equally hard. 

Why is reputation management important for your hotel?

Think about it. What is the first thing you do while booking a room? Check for hotel reviews, right? Well, that’s what bookers do! And this is why hotel review management is important.

Hotel reviews establish a sense of trust and credibility of your hotel in your guests’ minds. They become aware of what to expect from you during their stay.

Moreover, did you know that:

93% of people check hotel reviews before booking rooms


33% guests do not prefer to book a room at a hotel with no reviews

On the other hand, it helps you understand your guests’ opinion about your services. However, more importantly, you also gauge your competitors’ influence in the market.

So evidently, you would agree that your hotel reviews lead your business growth. Hence, you would be giving yourself into the fire if you’re not doing your online hotel reputation management the right way. But the question here is, what is the right way?!

Here’s where you need to think smart, think technology!

Pro tip: Invest in an online hotel reputation management software.

How can an online hotel reputation management system help you?

You can clearly see the impact of hotel reviews. They are present everywhere, on social media, metasearch engines like TripAdvisor and Trivago; even on your favourite search engine- Google.

This is why having an online hotel review management software is important. It helps you in many ways:

  1. Over time, you figure out the difference in your services with the help of your guests’ feedback.
  2. You analyse your reputation against your competitors’.
  3. You invest all this information in planning forthcoming strategies.
  4. You assign real-time goals to your teams.

However, only receiving reviews isn’t enough. You need to acknowledge them, classify them and act on them. That’s when they become your asset!

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To become a superpower, you need to sort all your strength into important fragments, said one of the greatest leaders of democracy.

Well, that is what you’ve to do with your hotel reviews – sort them all into separate stable sections.
See, you may be coming across many hotel reviews on different OTAs and different sites but not all reviews are even. Among many good reviews, you may also receive poor ones. (it can’t always be goody-two-shoes).

Although your hotel reviews can be classified in many categories than just good or bad. And when you are done sorting them rightly, you have to respond to them. Responding to your hotel reviews strengthen your guests’ familiarity with you. All this can be made easier with an online hotel review management software.

Besides all of this, there is more to the importance of reputation management for hotels and with the right technology, you will be able to make the most out of it. Here’s how:

1. Your bookings increase

These days, the internet has become a digital advisor. That being said, your hotel reviews have a great impact on bookers’ decision to book with you. So every review counts, good reviews attract more bookers, whereas the negative ones help you rustle up your services. An online hotel reputation management system will help you to do it without any disturbance, thus increasing your bookings through reliable reviews.

2. You gain a better understanding of guests’ requirements

While your guests are talking about their likes and dislikes on the internet, you come to know about your most preferred services. Besides, you will also be able to point out the ones that need to be improved. With a proper classification through the hotel reputation management system, you’ll become easily aware of the trends and treads of your business.

3. Your OTA and metasearch rankings improve

Since you will know the factors that are pulling down your business. You would surely want to overcome them. So, by improving your services, you will get more star rating and good reviews from your guests.

Those reviews and rankings will boost your visibility on OTAs and other travel sites. So, you will become more recommended. As a result, your bookings will increase.

4. Your guest engagement gets off the charts

This somehow appears like a cherry on the top as responding to hotel reviews is a different way to engage with your guests.

In addition, according to a survey, 8 out of 10 people believe that a hotel that responds to the reviews cares more about their guests.

When you reply to their reviews, your guests believe that their opinions matter, which makes them feel asserted. Besides, as you become more aware of their requirements, you’ll be able to serve them better.

Here, an online hotel reputation management system will make your responses better and faster.

5. You judge guests’ behaviour precisely

The process of sentiment analysis includes identifying and categorising your guests’ opinions expressed through a textual medium. It helps you determine your guests’ actual attitude towards your services.

Now, if you begin this analysis manually, it will consume a lot of your time and resources. But with the right hotel review management system, the entire process gets faster and more accurate.

6. You know your competitors better

Competitor analysis is an important part of your business. And organised hotel reputation management plays a big part in it. It provides you with clear information about your competitors’ services that are more favourable among your audience. Along with that, you also figure out the least preferred factors of their business. This information helps you build better and stronger strategies in the market.

For instance, imagine accomplishing best results out of this analysis manually. How much time do you think you would take? Even after that, do you think your results will be good enough to rely on?

The pattern of hotel business keeps changing and so does guests’ reviews about hotels. In that case, how will you carry out precise competitor analysis based on manual hotel review management? 

Hence, taking the assistance of a reputation management system will be the right choice.

..and in the end, yours will be the most preferred property

Clearly, hotel reviews and reputation management are a neglected aspect of hotel management in the present day. But while the industry is progressing, you cannot overlook the wave of benefits it brings for your hotel business.

The importance of reputation management for a hotel is rising each day. And while others are still busy paving their tunnels out, You build a highway by moving your focus to your hotel reputation management.

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