17 Best Hotel Promotion Ideas You Can Use

Before we talk about hotel promotion ideas, I would like to tell you that WHY is it important?

Well, you must be well familiar with the competition and challenges of our industry. 

Let me tell you, with the right hotel promotion ideas you can,

  1. Make headway among the competition
  2. Attract more guests to your hotel
  3. Grow your business and increase your revenue

And I know you know must be already practicing a few of the hotel promotion ideas. But, with the passing time, guest expectations and many other aspects of the hotel industry has changed a lot. On those lines, we’ve got a list of 17 best hotel promotion ideas you can implement right away. 

Here are 17 best hotel promotion ideas for your hotel

Peak and weak season promotions and more

Usually, a hotel’s year is divided into two. One is the peak season, and the other is the off-peak or weak season. And a hotel’s success is dependant on how it manages both the seasons. (Moreover, you shouldn’t let a single room go unoccupied in any of 365 days.)

This is how you can make the most of both the season:

Peak Season:

You will be already getting enough of the bookings and business in peak seasons. Yet, you can try different pricing strategies such as yield management to get more revenue. 

Other than that, you can also offer some packages to entice guests to book to the high season. 

Let‘s say before Christmas, in November you can run some promotions and offer packages that attract your guests to book their stay.


For the weak seasons, you have to put some extra efforts. You can try celebrating and inviting guests for various days like Environment Day, International Dance Day and such likes. One more way to get bookings in the weak season is by targeting the business sector.

You can also give a try to the following things:

Run last-minute deals (AKA flash deals) and packages for short stays.
If a scenic landscape surrounds your hotel, then you can offer packages for pre-wedding photography (that’s the in-thing these days).
If you have a banquet at your place, you can get into catering and host weddings, parties and corporate events.


Events are one of the most promising hotel promotion ideas. Events like music concerts (Tomorrowland, Sunburn.. rings a bell?), festive events (Tomatina), expos and exhibitions, roadshows, are taking place every now and then. And you should take the most advantage of the events.

All you have to do is a tie-up with the event planners and offer a stay to the attendees. With this hotel promotion method, your hotel can get advertised on hoardings, TV ads, and other platforms along with the event promotion

Besides, you can also sponsor or host events at your hotel. Organize some out of the box events like a food fair, creative art fair, and workshops on crafts & cocktails, dance & sculpt, pilates and many other events.

Run and promote your loyalty programs

Loyalty programs ACTUALLY work. It is one of the excellent hotel promotion ideas. It attracts the existing guests to stick to your brand. When you create your hotel’s loyalty program model, try to offer rewards that provide your guests with some real value.

So generally, the loyalty points are calculated as per the visits and after they reach a certain value/limit, you reward your guests with something. Instead of following this, I would recommend that you should reward them on the very next visit itself. This is how your guests will actually prefer you over other hotels and refer your hotel to others too. Thus, along with your hotel promotion, your brand loyalty will also be enhanced.

Get listed on maximum OTAs

Now you may think about how to promote a hotel by listing on OTAs?

Let me tell you, even though you might be doing great on the few OTAs you’re listed on. But getting listed on maximum OTAs and metasearch engines can drive you more bookings and revenue.

Basically, OTAs give your hotel a much-needed exposure. Besides, they increase your hotel’s credibility, promote your hotel, and you can expand your reach to a wider audience. Here are more benefits to having more OTA connections for your hotel.

Beyond that, you can also be a part of the promotions that OTAs run on their end. (Different OTAs have different techniques to get you bookings.)

Protip: By more OTA connections, I don’t mean that you go and list on every other OTA. You also have to check the relevance. You should select the OTAs for your hotel based on these three important things:

  1. Location
  2. Property Type
  3. OTAs that fall into your budget

For example: If you’re a hotel in China, then Ctrip works best for you; and if you’re a hostel, then HostelWorld is a good option.

Revamp and promote your hotel website

Your website is the face of your hotel and at the same time a salient player in your hotel business growth.

Guests who have come across your hotel through Google or any OTA will end up landing on your website. So, you need to have a solid website. If you don’t have a hotel website, then you should consider getting it developed right away. If you have one, then it,

  • Should be responsive
  • Should have high-resolution images and videos of your hotel
  • Your hotel’s amenities, services, offers, contact details and everything else should be mentioned
  • It should have integrated booking engine to let your guest book directly with you

These are just a few that are on the top of my mind! Now, even after integrating booking engine it may happen that you’re getting visitors but not bookers.

There are a few booking engines that provide ready plug and play widgets that turn your website visitors into bookers. These widgets help you highlight your hotel’s amenities, promotions, ongoing deals, and so on. Eventually, it entices your website visitors to land on your booking engine page and book directly with you.

And when it comes to a website, you don’t have to stick with the same website. You need to update your website at the intervals of 12-16 months.

Check out this hotel website:

An example of hotel promotion via website
An example of hotel website with widgets and offers to entice the visitors.

They’ve kept attractive widgets which make the visitors reach the booking engine and book directly. Their location, services, deals, experiences they offer and even an exciting photo gallery is well highlighted.

Do the SEO of your hotel website

Let’s say you want to buy a new mobile phone. What will you do?

You’ll instantly head to Google. You will search for the latest mobile phones, their costs, specifications and so on. After all the research, you will select your desired mobile phone.

Similarly, your guests also follow the same activities when they want to book their stay. Now, when your guests are finding something like, ‘hotels in Maldives or ‘best hotels in Maldives, your website HAS to appear in the search results. Then only your visitors are going to find you. And for that, you have to perform SEO.

In simple words, SEO is the technique of driving targeted traffic to your website from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It also includes ranking your website higher on these search engines.

We’ve got a step-by-step blog on how to do SEO for a hotel website, you can refer to it from here.

Maintain your Google MyBusiness Listings

As I have mentioned in the above point, searching on Google is the very first step. On that note, having a Google MyBusiness Listing will help you to appear higher in the search results and thus is an effective hotel promotion idea. 

You need to add each and every detail of your business to the listing. Hotel’s operating hours, phone number, website URL, pictures, and any additional details you want to make easily accessible to your guests. Guests can easily click “Website” or “Directions” which increases their chances to book directly with you instead of choosing to book from an OTA.

With the recent update in Google Hotel Search, now the search engine is also displaying your room types, with rate plans and many other details. So it’s the right time to make the most of this update. 

Google Hotel Ads

You’ve already appeared in the Google search with SEO and Google Business listings. Now, how to make sure that your guests are able to choose your hotel wisely? Well, that’s when Google Hotel Ads come in the picture.

This service is available only through Google’s Authorized Integration Partners. It is one of Google’s successful endeavors to help hotels increase their revenue without the jumble of registering on OTAs and such likes.

It is one of Google’s successful endeavors to help hotels increase their revenue without the jumble of registering on OTAs and such likes.

It’s a compelling way to promote your hotel, as it will help your guest to book with you right from the search results.

Guest engagement

Hotels these days are into providing personalized guest experience; either through their services or through some other means. And that’s one of the most promising hotel promotion ideas.

A satisfied guest is the best business strategy. 

Just some attention from your staff towards your guests’ behavior and preferences can help you go a long way in your hotel promotion. To start with, you can send them pre-arrival emails, which include details on how to reach you, your contact details, and such likes. 

Next, after they’ve checked in, you can offer some city tours, invite them to any event that your hotel might be hosting. Let them know about the specials on that day. This way, your guests will have a better experience and you’ll even be able to promote your happenings well.

Similarly, post their check-out, you can put up some offers for their next stay, promote your hotel’s happenings and ask them for reviews and so on. 

And this works like a wonder in the promotion of your hotel.

Get, manage, and respond to reviews

Reviews presently are a decisive parameter for the guest. They possess the power to make or mar your hotel’s reputation. And clearly, reviews for you are that goose which lays golden eggs (make sure you don’t kill it). You might never know how a single review affects your guests and future bookings.

That’s why your hotel reviews must be handled with extreme care. At the same time, they are one of the significant hotel promotion ideas; being generated by the user, for the user, and from the user.

Focusing on your hotel reviews and reputation management should be on your task list henceforth.

Collect as many reviews for your hotel as you can, and do not miss out on responding to them. (We’ve got ready to use hotel review response templates to deal with every type of review viz. positive, negative or neutral. You can download them for FREE.) Employing an online hotel reputation management software for this can help you handle and make the most of your online reviews effectively.

Besides, you can even start getting more reviews on TripAdvisor through the TripAdvisor Review Express Program for free. You can explore more about it here.

Download FREE Hotel Review Response Templates

Facebook Marketing

Did you know, if Facebook was a country, it’d be the most populated country on the globe? And that’s why Facebook is a must-have for hotels like you these days.

Among your hotel promotion ideas, maintaining a Facebook page of your hotel with attractive posts and that of guests enjoying their experience is a must. Here, you’ll surely come across many probable prospects.

All you have to do is INTERACT with your audience regularly. Request them to tag you in their pictures (you can also tag them, BTW). Let your audience know about those special deals and discounts you’re running. You can boost your posts too.

And you know the best part, if you integrate your booking engine with your Facebook page, you can get direct bookings from Facebook as well.

Check out how this hotel is doing on Facebook:

Facebook Marketing as one of the hotel marketing ideas
An example of a hotel that is doing great Facebook Marketing.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the second most widely used social media platform after Facebook. Most of the hotels have started Instagram marketing on a regular basis.

All you need to have is stunning photos and videos of your hotel. Other than that, you can play around stories as well, you can ask a few questions, run a poll, open a chat, or else add some Instagram music and keep the engagement consistent.

These activities will give your hotel’s Instagram account a much-needed boost which ultimately poses as one of the excellent hotel promotion ideas.

I would emphasize on putting more stories and going live as they have the highest engagement ratio.

If you ask me about the content to be posted, then I would suggest you post about the weddings or events which took place at your hotel or the ones which you hosted. You can even utilize some good photographs of the scenery around (well, there are hundreds of things you can post).

Download FREE Social Media Post Templates

See how this resort is doing on Instagram:

Instagram marketing for your hotel promotion
An example of perfect Instagram bio of a hotel.

YouTube marketing

With an estimated 300 hours of video being uploaded every minute, you can understand the preference of this platform. Promoting your hotel on YouTube won’t take much of your efforts.

You can create your hotel’s channel on YouTube. Then, publish your hotel’s video tours on your YouTube channel. Besides, if you’re offering adventure activities at your place, then YouTube is the best place to showcase those activities with short video clips of guests during those adventures.

YouTube ads are also one thing that you can dig deeper into – as one of the most effective hotel promotion ideas.

Welcome those travel writers and bloggers

These days, travel writers and bloggers have a great influence on the market. They have a huge fan following and travelers essentially listen to their suggestions and get inspired by the experiences they have.

You can keep up with this trend by inviting those travel bloggers and influencers at your hotel.

Reach out to them and begin your collaboration as a part of your hotel marketing ideas. You can either pay them or offer them a complimentary stay at your hotel.

Give a try to advertisements

Advertising is a crucial facet of your hotel promotion. Set aside a budget for this, and find the best place and way to run ad campaigns. Advertise your hotel’s amenities, promotions, and packages online across all the platforms by gauging the right. You can make use of the following important tools:

Google AdWords – Start with the search ads from Google Adwords. These ads will help you acquire direct bookings by reaching up to the right target audience, all the while maintaining your budget.

Remarketing ads – Now, did you ever search for something on Amazon, and then that search followed you everywhere? You know, with lower prices, some deals or something similar? Well, that’s called REMARKETING, which is also a beneficial way to promote your hotel. It helps your website visitors keep you in their mind, and leave an impact.

Facebook ads – Facebook provides this beautiful feature of Facebook Ads, using which you can easily promote your Facebook page and posts to the relevant audience. This increases your visibility and gives a significant path to hotel promotion.

Similar If it fits your budget you can give a try to Instagram and Youtube ads as well. 

Publish Content

Needless to say, “content is king.”

Let me tell you how this can be a surefire hotel promotion strategy too. 

When your guests are selecting a hotel, they are not just looking for a place to stay. They consider the entire city and its location. You can start writing with some blogs. You can write about famous restaurants, bars, and scenic destinations. 

For example, 10 things to do when you are in the Maldives

                     7 bars you should visit in the Maldives

                     15 things to do while you are in the Maldives

Other than that, you can write about the traditions, culture, cuisine of your locality. 

These days, most of the hotels have dedicated website page for these types of content. Publishing such content will help you rank higher in the search results as well. Thus it is an important SEO as well as hotel promotion idea. 

Develop a Relationship with Local Tourism Boards

For hotels, it’s important to stay in touch with the local tourism boards as well as other government associations that endorse their business.  

Such authorities can help you host events that have a reach at the state or country level at your hotel. These boards and associations can be profitable for you in many ways. They are valuable resources for staying in touch with other local businesses. Tourism boards, convention and visitors bureaus (CVBs), and destination marketing organizations have the job of bringing visitors to an area and promoting the businesses in that area. 

Therefore, it’s important to have a good relationship with them.

Bonus: Partner with airlines

Alliance with airlines can be one of the assured way to promote a hotel. The reason being, while people travel for leisure or events, air travel is important. 

All you can do is partner with a popular airline on a promotional offer. You can also combine your loyalty program points with that airline. This can help you get in front of a lot of targeted potential customers.

If such an alliance is not possible for you, then you can also try reaching out to place your advertisement on their page.

So, these are 17 creative hotel promotion ideas that you can implement to grow your hotel business. Identify what works best for you from these ideas, and have a go at them in your next strategy.

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