Our 10 Most Viewed Videos of 2018

 January 19, 2019      Lopa

Following the ritual of assisting and empowering hotel industry with our latest products and services, we’ve received a big applause for our the videos last year. So here we are, bringing you our most viewed videos of 2018.

1. How to Check-in the Guest using eZee Absolute Hotel Management System?

The front desk is the first point of contact for any guest that comes at your doorstep. Among all that, check-in obviously becomes the foremost operation that you need to perform.

They way you perform your check-in, the time taken and how you deal with guests during their check-in poses as the first impression of your hotel on your guests.

This video explains how eZee Absolute hotel management system makes your check-in instant and simple, which eventually enhances your guest experience.

2. How to take payments using eZee Absolute Hotel Management System?

Billing and payment is a significant activity at any hotel. Hotels these days, usually accept payments in several modes, viz. cash, bank transfer, credit and debit cards. Besides, some of your guests may also wish to pay you partially through different ways. Here’s where taking payments get complicated.

This video takes you through different payment scenarios which you can tackle effortlessly through eZee Absolute cloud-based hotel software.

3. How to check-out the guest using eZee Absolute Hotel Management System?

Besides check-in, check-out is a complex task for any hotel front-desk. You need to check all the payment settlements, keep the invoice ready; all the while ensuring that you don’t make your guest wait.

With quick and error-free check-out process using eZee Absolute hotel PMS, you’ll proudly be able to ask for feedbacks from your happy guests.

4. A complete hotel data analysis tool – Innalytics by eZee

Keeping a tab on your hotel’s performance is an important part of your hotel management. On the same lines, you definitely need solid and accurate stats in order to formulate the best strategies to grow your hotel business.

Owing to these requisites, we came up with our most loved feature of Innalytics – a complete hotel data analysis tool.

This video talks about all that Innalytics is and provides to hotels, right from most revenue-generating channels to the best promotions and packages and to each data that would help hotels in devising strong strategies for their hotel growth.

5. How to perform night audit using eZee Absolute Hotel Management System?

Night audit. One of the most-necessary operation for any hotel. You cannot simply ignore or avoid it. Because like every business owner, you too need an overall wrap-up to your day. How many arrivals, how many departures, how many guests were no-show, how much payment was taken; well the list is endless.

You get all of this information in the Night Audit process that you do when your day ends. That being said, if the night audit is lengthy and inaccurate, it may become tedious for you.

This video tells you how straightforward the night audit process becomes with our hotel management system.

6. How to add extra charges and inclusions in eZee Absolute Hotel Management System?

Your day-to-day operations of adding extra charges and inclusions on any transaction become the simplest with eZee Absolute hotel software.

This is a video which explains you the concept of extra charges and inclusions if you’re not aware of it, and guides you on how to put them effectively into practice at your hotel using eZee Absolute.

7. How to take group bookings in eZee Absolute Hotel Management System?

Handling individual and single booking is easy, but how about handling group reservations?

Taking group bookings takes up a lot of your front desk’s time, as you need to add the detail of all the group members, allocate the specific rooms to them and so on.  

Well, our this video shows how smooth it becomes to handle group bookings through our cloud-based hotel management system.

8. How to perform stop sell for your hotel in eZee Extranet?

Many times, it may happen that due to some or the other reason, you have to block your inventories from getting booked.

Now these sudden changes affect your inventory distribution planning to a great extent. Also when you are listed on several OTAs, it becomes very difficult to login to each one’s extranet and stop the sale of your inventories.

This video shows you how to stop sell your inventory by a single click on all your connected channels right from our channel manager, without having to login to each extranet and do this manually.

9. How to manage your hotel’s housekeeping using eZee Absolute Hotel Management System?

Housekeeping, one of the crucial aspect for your hotel management. This is our video on how eZee Absolute facilitates your housekeeping operations apart from other front-office and back-office tasks.

Housekeeping might seem as an easy part to manage, but it’s actually very extensive. Any flaws in housekeeping may lead to guest displeasure and degraded guest experience.

Check out this video to know how eZee Absolute expertly manages your hotel’s housekeeping to the max.

10. How to print and email reservation voucher in eZee Absolute Hotel Management System?

Reservation vouchers are an imperative part of a hotel booking. You know very well that your guests (especially those cranky ones) won’t stay put until you provide them with a reservation voucher. And most often, you may face guests who want that in email.

This is where you’d need to print and email reservation vouchers of the bookings you received in the hotel PMS. These bookings may include your walk-ins, those from hotel website and even from the OTAs.

This video tells you how to perform this activity as and when you or your guest requires.

Besides this, we published loads of other videos on YouTube, to guide you with the best hotel management practices.

And that’s not it. We’re coming up with more such exciting and useful videos this year. Till then, stay tuned and subscribe to our YouTube channel to not miss out on any new video.

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